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This 1980 Rolls Royce survived the trip from Mississippi, and now rests comfortably in the front parking lot of my favorite mechanic's shop, here in Michigan. He still has hopes of getting it running but certainly has not had much support from his fellow mechanics. "Wouldn't touch it . . . it's a bastard to work on . . . everything is backwards . . . good luck" . . . are just some of the comments he gets.

I'm searching the internet for answers . . . I may put it up for sale "As is." What do you think?
Hey Don, Sam here. My Dad used to have Jaguars, an XKE and a sedan, which required some lots of TLC. It is not all that bad, and Rolls is a lot less finicky than Jag. Just ask the mechanic to do a compression test to see if the pistons and valves are OK, maybe ask about any bearing noise.

If the engine block is shot, you can probably get a rebuilt "long block" and save money by giving them the old engine.

Yes it can be expensive but your mechanics will love you, since they don't have to tweak all that stuff to Rolls specs.

This is done all the time - in fact my dad's boat diesel got fried in one of the 2004 hurricanes and they just shipped another angine on a pallet, already filled with engine oil!

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